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Consulting services on the office space planning

Any even small office equipment project requires a comprehensive approach and attention to details. And of course, it is good when the market professionals as project managers and architects are involved in the process. And services of such experts are also required for big projects, too.

However, there are many nuances in such business as selection of office furniture, which may affect the final result, i.e. a properly working office of the customer. These nuances are well known to people who are directly involved in equipping office with furniture, preparing specifications, delivery and assembling the order, i.e. to us. Even a skilled administrative director or project manager cannot keep track of all the slightest changes in the package of goods and services of one furniture manufacturer; and there are a great variety of manufacturers in the market. 

You should also take into account small projects, where engagement of a project management company, an architect, a consultant, etc. is economically unreasonable. 

K.S. Büro is not just the seller, it is a good seller that will always assist and help you to select a product from the product line, which will suit you best of all, recommend what methods should be used and whom to address with a particular issue. Working in the commercial real estate market, we know very well its key players and can always advise the reliable and approved companies. 

Most our vendors, for example, Konig und Neurath, a leading manufacturer of office furniture and chairs in Germany, closely cooperate with us on projects, providing their resources for office space planning. This ensures a serious European level of high quality consultations on the arrangement of office space.

Knowledge and experience of our manufacturers, managers and designers will help to create effective working office.