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In recent years, the Russian customers have undergone and continue to experience significant changes in the mentality, and therefore, in the culture of consumption. With the advent and growth of the number of the large foreign companies in the Russian market, the current buyer has got an opportunity to compare the way of doing business and the quality of services. For this reason, the level of customer’s requirements has been increased. The principles of work and behavior of businessmen, which were accepted and successfully working in the 90th, are not effective in the modern business environment. In addition to the direct product quality and its cost, a modern comprehensive approach to doing business can be one of the key competitive advantages in choosing a business partner.

K.S. Büro as an independent business unit has got into the market relatively recently. However, the company's employees, who have joined to our team, have a long successful experience in the market, as well as extensive experience of cooperation with leading European companies, both manufacturers and customers. We constantly analyze and implement the best practices of our European colleagues.

Based on careful analysis and selection of manufacturers of leading European and domestic companies, we have formed a unique package of vendors, which can help to find a solution to planning of a public space of a different level and purpose in accordance with the needs, requests and budget of the customer. For this purpose, in April 2012, we opened a new office-showroom with a total area of 515 square meters, to exhibit the most successful and interesting pieces of furniture, as well as the latest development works and trends in the field of design and ergonomics. The key principle of this direction is a system approach to the organization of business.

Currently, our list of customers has increased significantly, and it continues to grow steadily due to office projects, since despite the presence of major players in this market, we have a set of competitive advantages.

The key advantages of K.S. Büro:

·              a young team of the professionals, who have vast experience and are devoted to their work;

·              European approach to construction of business processes;

·              system approach to furnishings: from development of the concept to its complete detailed implementation with the subsequent after-sales and post-warranty services;

·              the automation of business processes providing the high performance and expeditious communication;

·              careful logistics management, and direct contracts with vendors;

·              customs clearance and payment of all taxes, fees and charges;

·              a unique package of vendors, meeting any requirements of the modern market;

·              products meeting the European quality standards and ecological requirements;

·              working at factory prices;

·              profound structural knowledge of the range and technical features of the presentation equipment for car dealers and showrooms;

·              wide experience in assembly of furniture (more than 300 facilities all over Russia are mounted);

·              own showroom in the centre of Moscow (515 sq. m)

The new project was developed by Mediaproperty and residents of the office with assistance of the following companies: Pridex, Trinova, Milliken, AMG Group and Decor Buro and was named the Roof Point, because the office is located on the mansard floor of the former factory. It is here, under the roof and sometimes on it, new ideas of successful business emerge in an informal setting, in addition, it is a good recreational space.    

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