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RWM Capital

Area m2:1000

RWM capital

Year of implementation2013


While choosing furniture solutions for RWM Capital, we had a task to create a multifunctional work space combining division into many departments with the opportunity of unhindered communications between them in accordance with the company’s business processes. Led CL series of tables manufactured by Italian company Arteco was chosen as a solution. It makes it possible to use the office space in the most efficient way. Despite the compact seating, frontal screens make it possible to create comfortable work spaces for employees with a required degree of privacy. Well-thought-out storage system solutions in the form of high and middle-sized cupboards solve many issues simultaneously: they isolate the employees from passageways and allow them to communicate quickly while standing, and at the same time document storage area is within the walking distance from work spaces. The work spaces of heads of departments were designed using a similar system but their certain elements are veneered and located in a single space, which also ensures unhindered communication.

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