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LEO Pharma

Project Manager:

Natalia Trubnikova

Year of implementation2014


Experts of K.S. Büro completed the project for furniture equipment of an office of LEO Pharma. Furniture of our top-priority partner, German factory Koenig+Neurath, was chosen for the project. Color solutions were chosen in accordance with corporate colors of the company. Special attention was given to mobile conference area. Plenum.K folding table can be easily transformed into small ones that are perfect for holding seminars and training personnel. Basic.4 collections, Jet.2 armchairs for substantive staff and Koenig+Neurath’s novelty, Table.W collection with embedded electric control device under rolltop desk and ergonomic Lamiga armchairs for top managers were used in the project. Coffee point areas and meeting rooms were equipped with the furniture of the Italian factory Pedrali. K.S. Büro managed to successfully implement the project within the shortest possible time, thus approving itself as a competent and reliable partner once again.

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