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Alcohol Siberian Group

Area m2:3500

Alcohol Siberian Group

Project Manager:

Natalia Trubnikova

Year of implementation2014


Office of Alcohol Siberian Group located in Imperia Tower of Moscow International Business Center is the first joint experience of K.S. Büro and UNK and Cushman & Wakefield. At the customer’s initiative, the profile and regional origin of the company had to be nonintrusive in the office interior. The core of the office is an expansive bright open space surrounded with meeting rooms and executive offices. Siberian landscapes and coloring are shown on the walls of meeting rooms only. Natural materials such as stone and wood were the theme of the office interior, and the key colors were light grey, light blue and green with several bright spots. We used the products of our long-term and trusted partners for decoration of the office, such as Koenig+Neurath, Walter Knoll, Sancal, Pedrali and Narbutas.

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